Von den kleinen Dingen
Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2018

Setting Priorities

or why I want to start blogging again

I've always loved sharing thoughts & experiences

since I can remember in that aspect I've always been the typical woman - I love to talk.

A lot. Plus, I'm highly sensitive. I think a lot about anything and everything and I conciously perceive lots and lots of little things during a day that make me happy or sad or just make me think about things. And I love to improve my life. Constantly.

My private environment is not as interested

Sad but true. Which is one of the reasons how I got the idea to start a blog again ... it's a place to treat like a person without being a person that may react the wrong way or just not being interested enough. The thing is (to give you an example), I rearranged my living room after it had been in a state that's been causing demotivation and anxiety for too long. I happily told my mum in a super long whatsapp about how I feel so much better and being so happy - and her plain reaction was ... "nice"
Around the same time (last weekend) my best friend told me, I'm always texting so much she may not have gotten everything I told her.

Not expecting feedback from a blog

maybe texting people is the wrong way of sharing thoughts. at least for me it's the most frustrating in my personal environment. Maybe I just need to tell things but if I'm texting people, I'm expecting certain things. Reactions to be precise. On Blogposts, reactions are appreciated but not expected.

Always torn between different social media

I love social media but no matter what platform I focus on and no matter what I'm trying, social media is wonderful, I really love it and need it, but it's not enough. Will never feel as personal and private as a blog or website.

English is difficult but I will try

steaming hot coffeeEnglish has always been my preferred language because it is the one language, most people are able to understand. It's no problem to chat or write social media captions - but it's a whole different story to write long blog posts and trying to express my thoughts which are often multi-layered and chaotic.

So. here I am again. Back at the thing I always return to in the end. being a blogger. LET'S DO THIS!