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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Seclusion, Floor Sleeping and lots of drawing

Winter Solstice & Great Conjunction

I felt like I needed to spend time in nature on this very special day and left my apartment for the forest at dawn. Before I even arrived there, I was greeted by the most magical sunrise - red, pink, orange, yellow... and combined with the cool tones of the night and bright green meadows the world seemed to have all the colours of the rainbow at once.

In the forest, it was quite a weird walk. Gloomy, foggy, but with bright green moss & lichen from the rain during the night. I decided to follow a path I had walked recently (but not till the end). Which lead to the most confusing experience.
While I walked & walked, at some point I saw an end in the distance and thought to myself, hey cool, next village, where am I? As I came closer, I still didn't know where I was but then that one deerstand looked very oddly identical to the one where I started the walk. I walked back and forth, very confused, then decided to take a photo and then one of the other one on my way back.

Further following the path I finally realized, I had walked such a big circle I didn't even notice it was one. The world really looks completely different when it's very foggy.

The second half was less weird but a beautiful long winter walk. Ten kilometres overall.

After I came home I set up my big 70-200mm lens & DSLR for some night sky photography but well... it stayed completely overcast :-(

Floor Sleeping

Apart from being a sensitive empath among too many toxic, stressed & egoistic people I finally realized something else: a big cause of my back issues, horrible sleep quality and maybe my overall tiredness and depression might be my fourteen year old extra soft, extra dead mattress.

But being single, poor (in terms of my financial situation) and always been very environmentally conscious plus slowly transitioning into a more minimalist life I thought to myself, okay, why not not sleep in my most beloved corner of the apartment - on the floor. I'm thirty-something, single and life is too short to not try seemingly weird, unconventional things sometimes.


As expected and as you can probably imagine, trying to fall asleep on hardwood floor (especially as a side sleeper), only cushioned by my Yoga mat and a wool blanket... was a horribly uncomfortable nightmare.
What was interesting, though: Once I fell asleep, I had the longest, deepest most restful sleep in ages.


The second night was a little easier already, although still feeling uncomfortable until I fell asleep. But the sleep quality was incredible again!


I changed my setup a little bit, from Yoga Mat & Wool Blanket to Rug & Wool Blanket. A setup that felt a lot cosier and didn't feel as uncomfortable anymore. Had an incredibly restful sleep again.


The feeling of discomfort was so minor, it was actually very relaxing to "go to bed" early, wind down and fall asleep.


Still a minor feeling of discomfort


Ditched the (handwoven) rug that might actually be blanket after it started looking a little messed up and I care too much about it to mess it up more by sleeping on it.
Now sleeping on my wool blanket on hardwood floor and with my memory foam neck pillow & down blanket.


Actually looking forward to this following night and future ones. My back feels incredible, my sleep is deep & restful. I think this weird spontaneous experiment is my new normal now. For now. Until I decide I need a change for some reason.

I highly recommend trying it for a week or two - but if you try it, don't give up after the first or second night.

Full Grinch Mode for the Christmas Week

This was the first time I spent christmas alone. And surprisingly enjoyed it more than every christmas I spent with my family! Basically, it's been next level Me-Time, spending the days journaling, doing yoga, meditation, drawing and basically doing everything extra slow.

And the best part: avoiding people!

Like. Everyone. No Phone, no Emails (almost) no Messengers for possible christmas wishes... seriously, I don't need christmas wishes when there's no christmas.

I just miss chocolate. And cookies. Should have bought or made more of them.


Months ago I already had that idea to start another experiment or challenge. What happens when I spend a whole year with a single pencil?
Will it help me focus on content, style and ideas?
We'll see :-)

My weapon of choice is my fanciest one, though because using it makes me very happy: My 0.5 mm Rotring 800 Mechanical Pencil

Thanks for reading and stay safe & optimistic everyone!

See you next week!

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