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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Drawing, Snow and still sleeping on the Floor

All over the Place

Literally (since I've been on another 10km forest walk). This week has been weird. Not good. Not bad either, old me is almost back. Slowly but surely.
The realization that (apart from other things in life) it's also technology & social media that has been holding me back and draining me so much, seems to pay off like a miracle. This whole past week felt like I got back control over my life, my household - and above all, my creativity!

I really enjoyed the days being mostly offline, only using private messages with friends while looking forward to making this blogpost.

Still Sleeping on the Floor

After a little experimenting my setup is still the folded wool blanket on hardwood floor with my down blanket and memory foam neck pillow.

Sometimes my shoulder feels weird lying on it, but not in a painful way, more like... am I becoming liquid like cats are liquid? That's probably the theory, that without a mattress, the body has to fully relax to be comfortable but it's very strange to watch it do that while still awake.

Talking of a naturally aligned body... I think I'm loosing my "Double Chin" or how I should call that non-existent jawline of my side profile. Apparently there's a thing called Posture Kyphosis, basically a hunchback from too much hunching over computer screens, smartphone, books, sketchbooks, journals... the list is endless, plus the wrong, old mattress. Story of my life.
However, either the hard floor or the daily back & shoulder stretching exercises I've been doing the past two weeks (or both) seem to correct these years of hunched over lifestyle.

Something I also realized: I'm getting about eight hours of deep sleep now instead of six to seven with waking up in the middle of the night.

(Disclaimer, just in case, I'm not a doctor or medical expert, just documenting my experience, thoughts & comparing with other people's experiences on the internet)

In the Sketchbook

I finally started catching up on the Draftsmen Podcast with Stan Prokopenko and Marshall Vandruff and the latest episode (Youtube Link) is all about books.
There couldn't have been a more perfect time than me being on a "Tech-Break" to be reminded, that you can practice drawing with BOOKS!

When asked about my one "Desert Island" Book I can't live without, I know mine without having to think twice. My "Frank Frazetta - Master of Fantasy Art" Artbook. It simply has everything in it, sketches, ink drawings and paintings, fantastic technique and a ton of anatomy that is a lot more fun than the average anatomy book. So I took it from the shelf, put it on the book stand and started with the first page.

The pencil drawings on the bottom are studies I did from a Tarzan Sketch in the book.

The ornaments on top are some first ideas for a fancy divider line between posts in this blog but I'm taking my time with it until that "YES, that's it!" moment.

And then... more elves! Because I love them and want to draw them more again. If you don't like them, keep scrolling XD

With these drawings I already failed at the personal pencil-only-challenge but it's okay as long as I still focus on my creative goal for 2021 - more practice & more exploring of ideas than random doodles. While I really love my doodles, they shouldn't be all I do.

Other Random Stuff

  • Started reading the Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, such a timeless story (it's over a hundred years old) and so in tune with the current mess that is my mind

  • It's called drawing, not pushing, pulling, or whatever. DRAWING! (My number one Mantra for good, relaxed lines)

Thanks for reading and stay safe & optimistic everyone!

See you next week!

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