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Monday, January 11, 2021

a week of nothingness

Nothing really happened the past week and I had barely any motivation to sit in front of the computer. Didn't even draw a lot. And that's why I'm a little late with this blogpost. BUT.

I started a new Bullet Journal attempt

... again. The amount of times I tried since it became a thing many years ago are starting to get ridiculous but for some reason I feel like it might actually work this time.

The difference? I'm avoiding inspiration aka all these fancy decorated BuJos out there with lists and trackers for absolutely EVERYTHING. If it works for other people and makes them happy, great. But my point is, if I try to "copy" that, it's like putting on other people's shoes and wondering why it feels uncomfortable. Because it doesn't fit.

What I'm really asking or telling myself now, is
"does this take a lot of time and effort? Yes? Don't do it!"
as well as
"Don't do too much all at once, let it grow day by day and let it become a tailored physical extension of your brain and needs over time."
If it takes too long, it's missing the whole point of the original concept of not losing ideas and thoughts and getting things done.

I actually started with notes I had all over the place like book recommendations I had on scraps of paper, in my ring planner and the "want to read" list in my kindle.

Then I thought, hey it would be great to have a monthly overview on a two-page spread with the left half for quick notes and appointments and the right half for the simplest tracker table possible.
There's basically a letter for everything I want to track like BLD (Breakfast Lunch Dinner) and then I set an "x" when I did something that day. Simplest intermittent fasting tracker ever. Not app needed.
What I'm also tracking are the kilometres I walked. That column has a number.

After I had two very weird dreams one night and wanted to write them down, I started a page for that.

Okay, long story short, I just wanted to share this in case it might help someone else since a lot of people seem to struggle to keep this kind of journal for a longer period of time as an actual helpful tool.

If you want to try it, keep it simple, don't give up and maybe start it on the side of your calendar as "practice" - that's what I did... and haven't touched the ring planner in a few days now.

A great inspiration was this wonderful article by the New Yorker I found during my research

as well as the official Bullet Journal Website, which is a great source with a ton of helpful tips

Not about Floor Sleeping but

I also started to "practice" napping - simply laying down at noon with my sleep mask, set a timer for only ten minutes and trying to relax the whole body.
The interesting thing is, the more I do it, the faster I feel sleepy when laying down and the recovering effect really starts becoming more... effective.

Napping... really is kind of an art you can master with practice.

Talking about Simplicity

Here's one drawing I really like :-) this happened from imagination after an entire morning of figure drawing & faces practice from reference

Thanks for reading and stay safe & optimistic everyone!

See you next week!

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