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Saturday, July 31, 2021

I cancelled my wifi today

I admit, it has not been an easy decision. But I have a feeling that it will boost my happiness & productivity a lot - strictly limiting the internet available at home. And start thinking twice how much mindless scrolling is necessary while I could paint. Or be outside. Or read a book.

And Life Updates? Do I really need to leave them on Social Media which basically has always been a love-hate-relationship since the rise of Social Media? Or is this cosy, independent space here enough?

I'm not even starting how much money I'm saving.

Will update my thoughts on this cold-turkey life-changing (hopefully) experiment.

Talking about creativity ... I finally touched my watercolor paint again!

Sonnenblumen in der Morgensonne

Thanks for reading and stay safe & optimistic everyone!

See you next week!

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